Mr. Jason Craig, Executive Director

Jason Craig grew up in two homes – sometimes with his mom and sometimes with his dad, but he moved in with his dad full time at age 12. “For a lot of my friends, their father was a blank in their minds,” Jason explains, “They just were not around.  But my dad took me in at a critical age and showed me that fathers love and protect their sons.  Later it made sense to me that God would send His Son to save me – dads do that for their boys.”

Jason fell into typical teenage vices, but everything changed after he was mentored by a mature Christian man and led to accept the Christian faith.  Jason has been working with youth ever since.

After a failed attempt at showing a Catholic friend why Catholicism was nonsense, Jason became a Catholic, along with his future-wife Katie, who grew up in an atheist home.  After being received into the Church, Jason and Katie entered the world of full-time Catholic ministry.  However, as Jason applied his knowledge and experience of youth ministry at a Catholic parish he realized that it was the families, especially the fathers that had the greatest impact.  During this time Jason joined Justin Biance and Tommy Van Horn in founding Fraternus, and Jason wrote and developed the training and curriculum used today around the country.  Jason has a Masters in Theology and Evangelization from the Augustine Institute, and continues his studies and work from a small farm in rural NC.  His writings on culture, masculinity, and mentoring have appeared on numerous sites like New Advent, Catholic Exchange, and Those Catholic Men, and he is working on a book on rites of passage for Catholic boys.  He is also known to staunchly defend his family’s claim to have invented bourbon.  

Mr. Joshua Johnson, Director of Mission Advancement

Joshua Johnson, whose story you can watch on “The Journey Home” on EWTN, has experienced the impact of mentoring firsthand. Thanks to mentoring he received as a young man, he left a career in political fundraising to become a United Methodist Pastor, and eventually found himself resigning from the pastorate and becoming a Catholic.

Prior to joining the Fraternus staff in 2014, Josh started a Fraternus Chapter at Our Lady Star of the Sea in Bremerton, WA and founded and worked as the Executive Director of Catholics United for Life of the Northwest. He has extensive experience in ministry, organizational development, nonprofit governance and fundraising. He holds a Master's of Theological Studies (Magna Cum Laude) from Duke University, a BS in Government (Cum Laude) from Liberty University and is currently working on a Master's in Philanthropy and Development from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota.

Josh lives in Western North Carolina where he is happily married to Katie and has been blessed with three children, Joshua Jr., Elizabeth Anne and Juliana. He enjoys hiking, camping, traveling and adventures to new places with family.

Mr. Jimmy Mitchell, Project Discipleship Leader

Originally from Atlanta, Jimmy moved to Nashville inin 2008 to pursue undergraduate studies in business and philosophy from Vanderbilt University. His two great passions for mentoring young people and supporting artists led him in and out of seminary studies and missionary work before eventually founding Mysterium in 2010. Jimmy was a founding missionary of Fraternus, and has led small groups of boys through Fraternus since 2009.  Though many describe him as a traveling troubadour and serial entrepreneur, nothing better defines Jimmy than his deep love for the Lord Jesus Christ and his zeal for souls.

Mysterium began with the vision of building a community of artists dedicated to the restoration of Christian culture. Two years later, Love Good Music began similarly as a community of patrons supporting young singer/songwriters across genres. Both movements work together to evangelize society with the underlying belief that true beauty can save the world. Along with mentoring locally through Fraternus, Jimmy travels the country as a sought after speaker and musician, and he writes and speaks regularly about music, culture, and loving God with your whole being.  Jimmy also travels annually to all of the Fraternus Chapters and helps lead them to deeper brotherhood and conversion.  This aspect of Jimmy’s apostolate is called “Project Discipleship”.