These guidelines are observed on all FRATERNUS outings to foster a safe environment that is conducive to learning and growth.

General Ranch Rules and Guidelines

1.      Safe and Fun - Our primary goal is to provide a safe and positive environment for the young men to grow in virtue and brotherhood.

2.      Cool and Positive - If it’s not cool or positive we don’t say or do it.

3.      Cell Phone/ I-pod’s, electronics...etc., are NOT permitted during the entire trip. If you need to contact your son, please call your Commander.

4.      Knives, guns, fireworks, explosives or other weapons are NOT permitted.

5.      Buddy System - Whenever a brother leaves the group, he notifies his captain and leaves with his designated “buddy”

6.      Two-deep Leadership. All squads will be assigned two (2) adult leaders for safety and youth protection purposes.

7.      Possession, selling, and/or use of alcoholic, tobacco products, and illegal drugs OR being present where individuals are using alcohol, tobacco products and/or any illegal substances is prohibited.

8.      Any kind of sexually-related talk or physical contact is prohibited.

9.      Theft, misuse or abuse of public or personal property is prohibited.

Conduct that jeopardizes the safety of self or others      

1.      Leaving a program or facility without permission of parents and FRATERNUS staff (including authorized volunteers).

2.      Inappropriate dress, including but not limited to clothing that is sexually suggestive, indecent, negative or hateful language or symbols; sagging pants; exposed undergarments. Clothing should meet the standards expected in public schools.

Guidelines for Youth Discipline

1.      Adult leaders of FRATERNUS Chapters are responsible for monitoring the behavior of youth and interceding when necessary. Parents of youth members will be informed and asked for assistance in dealing with it.

2.      FRATERNUS does not permit the use of corporal punishment by chapter leaders when disciplining youth members.

3.      The Chapter adult leadership should review repetitive or serious incidents of misbehavior in consultation with the parents of the child to determine a course of corrective action including possible revocation of the youth's membership in the chapter.

4.      If problem behavior persists, Chapters may revoke the brother’s membership in that chapter. When a Chapter revokes a brother’s membership, it should promptly notify a FRATERNUS, INC Representative of the action.

5.      The Chapter shall inform the FRATERNUS, INC representative about all incidents that result in a physical injury or involve allegations of sexual misconduct by a youth member with another youth member.

Discipline Procedures:

1.      Verbal warning 1

2.      Verbal warning 2

3.      Immediate removal from the activity

4.      Notification to parents

5.      Program suspension and/or

6.      Expulsion from program

7.      Other sanctions appropriate to the circumstances, as determined by FRATERNUS volunteer in consultation with FRATERNUS, INC representative.