Sponsored by local parishes, Fraternus mentors your boys into virtuous Catholic men.

• Parish Based: The program is sponsored by a parish and executed by adult male volunteers from the parish. We recognize the importance of building community, so each FRATERNUS Chapter is integrated into the life of the parish.

• True Mentorship: Boys are formed into virtuous Catholic men through True Mentorship. Our volunteers learn and practice True Mentorship which is a model that consists of three steps: 1. Seek Holiness, 2. Build friendships and 3.  Mentor with your life.

• Thinking With the Mind of the Church: The content for each week’s topic is centered around the Gospel for the upcoming Sunday Mass. Through discussion, prayer and a concrete challenge centered on Christ’s message each week the Brothers have an opportunity to enter more fully into the prayer and life of the Church. 

• Virtue Centered: The FRATERNUS program is centered on practicing virtue: the habitual and firm disposition to do what is good. The content covers the Cardinal and Theological virtues with emphasis on a sacramental life.



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