Bosco Society FAQ

What is the Bosco Society?

The Bosco Society is community of people who advance the mission of Fraternus through monthly giving.

Do I have to attend any meetings? Do I have any responsibilities?

No meeting or special events are required. We only ask that you faithful pray for our young people and continue to give according to your means.

Why is monthly giving important?

St. Paul urges the Corinthians to set aside what they can weekly for the poor in Jerusalem (1 Cor 16:1-2). Setting aside our tithes at regular intervals for the Church and worthy charitable and evangelical work is a part of being a disciple. It is a testament to our devotion and commitment to Jesus. Your monthly gifts are also the lifeblood of Fraternus' mission. They provide the sustaining support that helps us more accurately budget as we seek to train mentors and bring brotherhood and mentoring to unreached areas.

Who can join?

Anyone who wishes to support the mission and can make a recurring monthly gift by credit card, debit card, or ACH draft from their bank account.

Why do you prefer ACH rather than credit cards?

The transactions fees are two to four times less on ACH draft as opposed to credit card.

What is the $100 Ranch credit?

An annual credit given to each Bosco Society member who is signed up for a monthly gift of $25 or more.

Why is their a minimum?

Monthly gifts of $25 a month or more is the threshold of what can make a real impact over the course of a year both in terms of sending young people to Ranch and helping sustain and grow the brotherhood.

Can more than one member of my household join the Society to get more $100 credits?

Yes, each person who signs up for a recurring gift of $25 a month can get a $100 Bosco Society Credit from their membership. 

How long do I have to be a member to get the annual credit?

Generally 6 months but during the first part of 2016 any member that is current at the time of Ranch billing in mid May will receive the credit, regardless of how long they have been giving.

How do I get $100 credits from others?

If they are not a volunteer or parent, they can list you either when they sign up online or send in the pledge card.

Is there a limit to the $100 credits my family and I can receive?

No! Although if you were to receive more than five credits per person you would want to consider donating those credits to others.

Where do the $100 credits for Ranch come from?

50% from the Mission Advancement Fund and 50% from the Chapter's Bosco Society Funds.

How is my monthly gift used?

If you designate a Chapter, 50% is held in restricted account just for that Chapter to be used for Ranch Financial Aid and the other 50% provides sustaining support for the Mission Advancement Fund. 

Can my gift be designated for a Fidelis Chapter?

Yes, Fidelis Chapters are listed on the donation form. 

What if I want to help both my local Fraternus and Fidelis Chapter?

That is given as an option on the donation form.

How does the Chapter decide how their Financial Aid and Excursion Funds are used?

Chapter leadership (usually the Commander or Financial Officer) are given reports on the amount of financial aid available to them. From there, they decide how to allocate it.

What if a Chapter has more money than they need after paying for Ranch and Excursion speakers?

It can be rolled over to the next year or donated to be used as financial aid Chapters that are do not have as many financial resources to send their young people to Ranch.

Can I designate my support for Fidelis?

Your gift will be designated based on what you selected for the Chapter Designation. If it was for Fidelis, then the other portion of your gift will be used for Fidelis Mission Advancement. If you choose Fraternus, it will be used for Fraternus Mission Advancement. If you choose both, then it will be split.

How do I change the person who receives my $100 credit? How can I change my Chapter designation?

Normally once you list who will receives your credit it cannot be changed unless they drop out or do not attend Ranch. You can change your Chapter designation at any time by contacting

How do I increase, decrease or suspend my monthly gift?

You may create a login for Kindful (our data system) or simply contact

For Additional Questions, contact Joshua Johnson, Director of Mission Advancement/CFO

855.879.3823 Ext. 701, Option 2 or